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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We left our car at the hotel in Montreal and took a coach to Québec City, about three hours away. Québec City has a European-like feel, due to its cobblestone streets, cute shops and its history. The tour that we took brought us to see the most popular sights in Québec City.

Our first stop was Montmorency Falls. It is the highest fall in the province of Québec. There is also a cable-car.

We then went to the Observatoire de la Capitale, which is an observatory deck that gave us a 360° panoramic view of Québec city. The view was absolutely breathtaking.

The tour bus then took us to Old Québec City and we got free time for about 2-3 hours. After having a light lunch, we wandered around the city. Since we are fluent in french, we didn't have trouble getting around.

Before getting back on the tour bus, we went to get some beavertails, a fried dough pastry, which originated from Killaloe, Ontario. It was my first time having them and for sure, not my last!

The bus then took us to the Plains of Abraham, one of Canada’s most important parks. It was there that the Battle between the French and the English took place on September 13th 1759.

We then went to the historic Chateau Frontenac Hotel. In front of the hotel, there's a great view of the Saint Lawrence River. The ice cream they were selling in front of the hotel was really tasty and one of the best vanilla ice cream I have ever tasted.

We walked around some more, and saw various street performers. We attended OVO by Cirque du Soleil. The show was worth every penny that we paid for the ticket! It was done very professional and the hard work the performers put into perfecting the show was clear throughout.

Finally, before heading back to Montreal, we walked to Maple Delights. It is a shop that sells all things made with maple syrup. We bought a Maple Milkshake and a maple pastry for the road. It is one of my favourite gems in Québec City to date!


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