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Nice to meet you, I'm Zaak.

In short: I eat, travel, write.


Here's the longer version:

I was born in Mauritius and raised in Canada. I am currently based in Toronto. I built upon my love for writing by pursuing my education in Professional Writing and Communication. I share my expertise through freelance work, both in writing and design.

As for my love of food and travel, it has only grown stronger over the years. When we first moved here, it was hard to go abroad, because of how costly it was for my family. We never went home, until 10 years later. But, during that time, we would occasionally plan roadtrips across Canada and the United States. 

At school, I met people coming from countries I never heard of before and my fascination for the world around me grew. I started learning new languages, such as ASL and Spanish. I volunteered at multiple multicultural events and took courses that peaked my interest, such as a First Nations course, a travel and tourism class and a class on the history of Italian cuisine.

The travel show Departures has also had a major impact on my life, as it was what helped me get through a challenging time in my life, when I stayed at Sick Kids Hospital - by not giving up and finding a desire to explore more of the world. 

After years of praying, by the Grace and Mercy of God, I was blessed with many opportunities to be able to finally live my dream. While working on my degree, I worked several part-time jobs and decided not to take any days off. Instead, I would use whatever days I accumulated at least once a month, to venture out to a new place. 

That's where my motto, "Hustle hard, travel harder" came to be.

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