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1. It's unlike any other trip! It's more of an ADVENTURE.

An expedition that is not for the faint of heart. They say nothing worth having comes easy so you can expect that a trip to Antarctica comes at a cost. I got so sick while crossing the Drake Passage that I call it the "Death Passage".

Waves were high, the ship was moving so much and it got to the point where the only thing I could do was lie down in bed. But once you've reached Antarctica, you forget everything you've been through as the view captures your attention. It's one of the most pristine and picturesque places I've been to. Best of all? It's untouched.

2. There are rules to follow to keep the environment protected. It's a UNIQUE place.

When it comes to picking the "right company" to book with, make sure you do your research well. If it's a large cruise ship, chances are, you won't be allowed to have any landings. But what's the point of going there if you don't step foot on the continent? Any gear that you want to wear or bring with you must first go through a biosecurity check (where they are cleaned/sanitized).

3. Antarctica is the largest wildlife area on Earth!

It is SURREAL. Imagine picture-perfect postcard views with every blink. A place where you can expect the unexpected. Here you will find thousands of penguins (different types ranging from emperor to macaroni to Gentoo to chinstrap and more!), whales, and seals.

There are over 9,000 species of animals found here - in the driest and coldest continent on Earth. You can also feel at peace. It essentially feels like another planet.

4. Be careful before booking a trip.

For a trip that's once in a lifetime, you need to know how you want to experience the destination. Small-size cruise ships are your best option if you want to step foot on the continent.

There are rules when traveling to Antarctica and the bigger cruise ships (with 500+ people for example) are not allowed to do any landings. Therefore, if you choose a bigger ship, you may actually end up staying on the boat only or going for zodiac cruising, but not actually getting the chance to step on land. Do your research well.

5. Your journey starts at the end of the world.

Ushuaïa is the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego. Most travel to Antarctica starts here and you may find some cruises (such as Silversea) starting their journey in Puerto Williams, Chile.

Ushuaïa is also the southernmost city in the world! Some people may also come to visit the town (even if they are not going to Antarctica). It is a beautiful small town, with great lobster. It reminded me a lot of some of the ports we visited in Alaska.

Is Antarctica on your bucket list yet?

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