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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

One of the misconceptions people have about travel is that they think travel means going away for a vacation only. There are many reasons why travel and sometimes it is not by choice. Being in a different place may also make it harder to get work done, as you are in another space in your mind.

Below, you may find simple changes to make it easier to boost your productivity, even while abroad:

1. Don't use your phone for the first 30-45 minutes after you wake up.

This is probably the hardest to habit to break, because the majority of us use our phone to put our alarms for the next day. It is the first thing we grab when we wake up. Making this change ensures that your day will be off to a better start. Turning off the phone before bed and placing it far away also helps.

2. Create a schedule.

To-do lists are a great way to stay motivated in keeping up with your tasks. Have a set schedule so you can easily break off your responsibilities throughout the day. Instead of trying to get everything done in one day, try to break it down so that every day you work towards being 1% better and completing 1% more. That way, you can avoid burning out too. Additionally, try adding your priorities or the hardest tasks at the top of the list.

3. Dedicate some time to yourself.

Breaks are important and taking some time off is a great way for you to recharge before you get back on track. Chances are, if you're tired and you force yourself to complete a task, you may not perform as well as if you were to take a nap first. You can sleep on it and get back to it. Perhaps you can break it off by going for a walk, taking a break, and having a snack or doing something that will help you fuel up.

4. Set deadlines for yourself.

Apart from the timelines you have for your tasks, create a separate deadline for yourself earlier so that you do not feel pressured and your mind is at ease.

5. Explore.

A lot of times people may go on business trips and be so caught up with work and meetings that they do not even have time to see anything. By planning in advance and having a set schedule, you can also squeeze in some time to explore the area, try a new restaurant or even go shopping. Sometimes, this may mean having to wake up earlier to be able to get everything done or getting a head start, but it pays off to not take where you are for granted!


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