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While I was working from home during the pandemic (January 2021, at the beginning of the pandemic!), I considered moving abroad for a while. I thought about all the options of where I could go and how I could still work at the company I was at. I did not mind the time difference, even if it meant my 9 to 5 could mean working as late as 3 am.

I decided to quit the job in March instead. But how would it have worked anyway, if I did go forth with my original plan?

Depending on where you travel to, you may notice that you are restricted with what websites you have access to. The best way to avoid that, while also keeping your information is encrypted, is to use a VPN!

You d not have to be traveling to another destination to use it. I use it at home too. It is a great way of using public Wi-Fi more safely. There are so many benefits to using a VPN (virtual private network). You can have peace of mind, but among other benefits, you may also find:

1. Remote access: no matter where you are in the world. That way, your data, and information is protected as long as you’re using it.

2. Remain anonymous: while the incognito mode option is a great alternative tool to use, remember that it doesn't completely protect your information or your data. But by using a VPN, you remain totally anonymous.

3. Change controls: you have the option to switch your IP address and/or change your location. This is a great way of finding cheaper flights and hotels as well since depending on the location you're browsing from, the price range may vary and alternate. Sometimes, the difference is pretty significant too!)

Have you considered making the switch or do you currently use a VPN? Let me know!


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